Dee’s Innate Beauty

Faux Mink Lashes (Nylah)


Complete your look with our faux mink lashes. Our mink lashes are cruelty free, lightweight, and made to use multiple times with careful wear. Made with tapered ends and fine synthetic fibers to blend naturally with with own lashes.



•Carefully remove first lash from lash tray.

•Hold the lash against your lash line to measure the length of your eye.

•Trim the lash strip where it extends from your outer corner.

•Apply lash adhesive along the lash band and allow glue to sit for at least 30-40 seconds.

•Use eyelash applicator, tweezers, or fingers to place lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible.


Synthetic blended fibers &/or sterilized human hair

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