For Me.

I have spent so much money on products for myself and my two girls that did not work and just left me stressed. I was tired of wasting money. I needed to get rid of at least one headache in my life. One evening, I decided to find a solution to a prevalent problem in all women, hair loss. 

While I was researching, I discovered that many of the products on the shelves do work, but you must be willing to be consistent and put in the time. This research was very personal to me. My first experience with hair loss was after I gave birth to my 3rd child. The doctors called it postpartum alopecia. It was terrifying, but maybe after about six months, everything started to go back to normal. 

For years, my favorite styles to wear are a nice sleek ponytail or a bun, which can also be very damaging to your hair. Traditional sew-ins, quick weaves, wigs, and braids are amongst my most convenient styles. These styles can be damaging to the crown area if this is a consistent style for you. I’ve learned through this process that the suitable styles we love so much aren’t that convenient. To prevent hair loss and breakage, we still have to make sure we take care of our natural hair daily under and between those styles.

Finding a solution seemed to be my only solution! 

In early November 2019, I started having mild cramps that were similar to menstrual cramps every day. Once I had my menstrual cycle at the end of October, I was spotting every other day, so I was a little concerned once the cramping started. A few of my coworkers suggested that I take a pregnancy test, and I told them that I was definitely not pregnant and couldn’t get pregnant.  After about two weeks of cramping and spotting, I decided to take a home pregnancy test, and I got a very, very faint line. That had never happened before, so that raised an even more concern even though I could barely see the line. 

My friends and coworkers said that only meant my body hadn’t yet produced enough of the pregnancy hormone to detect it on the test, however. 

Three days later, I took another test, and the line was much darker. Omg! I could not believe it. I stressed and cried about it for a few days before I went to the doctor. The doctor confirmed that I was indeed pregnant, and if I was bleeding, it was quite familiar but could also mean I was threatening a miscarriage. She scheduled me an appointment to come back in a few days to check my HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) levels and perform an ultrasound. It was horrifying for a person with anxiety; even though I hadn’t planned to become pregnant or wanted another baby, I did not want to experience a loss. 

My oldest child was a junior in high school. How was I going to manage a newborn in my already stressful life? I’m not from this area, so who would I have as a babysitter? How would I afford daycare? All of my children are in some kind of extracurricular activity, so how will I juggle yet another little person?

 All of these negative thoughts pondered my brain all day and night. 

I prayed all day for positive thoughts and decided that babies are a gift from God. I had watched so many friends and coworkers over the last few months praying for the opportunity to bring life into this world, so how selfish of me. 

I asked God for his forgiveness and told him to let his will be done.

During my next visit with the doctor, no baby was detected on the ultrasound, and instead of my pregnancy hormones increasing, they were at a standstill. Every other day I was scheduled to have blood drawn to check my hormone levels, which were still at a standstill.

The doctor was shocked and said that this was very rare. If what’s going on with me is having the doctor confused, you must understand my stress level at this point. I was horrified! My doctor explained that she would be giving me medication after a few more days to speed up a miscarriage because I was not pregnant anymore, but my body was not trying to let go. I went to work the next day and wasn’t there 30 minutes before I started having excruciating pain, so I knew this was it. I was having a miscarriage.

 My friend drove me to meet my fiancé; then we went to the hospital. After hours of being at the hospital, I was finally released and told to follow up with my doctor the next day. The next day my doctor discovered that my pregnancy hormone levels were still showing that I was pregnant. I was prescribed medication that would make me pass anything else that was left. After googling the medication, I learned that it was a form of chemo. 

What? Omg! Please give me a break!

I prayed about it and finally took it the next day. I cramped a little afterward, but no blood. 

The only other explanation for this was that I was pregnant with twins; I had miscarried one while the other was stuck in my Fallopian tube. God give me strength! Surgery was planned for the next day and maybe even a second surgery. First, a D&C to scrape my uterine walls, but a second procedure would be done to check my tubes if not much were found. When I woke from the anesthesia, I was told that one of my tubes had to be cut to remove particles of a baby. 

At this point, I am just glad that things would be returning back to normal. 

That was tough! I started noticing hair loss after about a month. I was scheduled to return back to work after the new year. Before I was set to return to work, I was told that my work environment would be changing, as it so often did. After all, I had been through and was still experiencing; I was not ready for change at work. That was the one thing I was counting on to remain the same at the time to help me through. I let my guard down to be vulnerable and explain my situation to my boss without giving too much of my personal information away. That didn’t work, so I decided to resign from my position and be home until I was ok. This was at the peak of the pandemic when I and so many others started to experience the death of so many loved ones.

I cried out to God for so many nights. The hair loss was becoming uncontrollable. I went to see a dermatologist and was told that I was suffering from Telogen Effluvium. A hair condition is caused by miscarriages, giving birth, surgery, stress, and grieving death. All of what I had been dealing with. Even though my hair loss was significant, the dermatologist was impressed with the regrowth areas that she saw. She told me to continue doing whatever I had been doing. 

What have I been doing?

 I have been consistently using my mixture of essential oils to regrow my hair. 

My hair is growing much faster than usual. I see new strands every day from the areas where I’ve experienced baldness. I can’t and won’t guarantee you a miracle. You won’t see hair growth in 3 days and if any products claim this to be a, please never waste your money with them. 

I would like for you to trust my products and trust the process. If you use any of my magnificent oils as directed, you will achieve your hair growth goals. Please share your hair growth photos in our Facebook group.